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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The First Post

Yep I'm new. This is the first post of many I hope.

In setting up this blog, unfortunately there is no clear plan, no clear direction nor is there any specific purpose. Maybe you call it rambling, I guess in the literary world they would call it musing or journaling (is that a word?).

I guess the main reason for this is that once you put this stuff out into the internet ether it tends to take on a much more serious note. It becomes, well somewhat important, no matter what it is. 

I guess we can think of it as some kind of internet imposed discipline (is that an IID?). 

All of a sudden, the words appear to have greater meaning than being locked up in my hard drive. Fifty years ago I guess a handwritten journal or diary would attempt to serve in this function. But now I write it, a quick read and bam for the entire world to see.

And that's the difference, for the entire world to see. 

However, there is a catch, I can remain anonymous...yep I can write as male, female, animal, mineral or vegetable. I could be an important person, a nobody, a celebrity or more than one person.

Sure, the diary thing was great fifty years ago. The smell of the leather bound journal with that little lock that ensured privacy (NOT!) but here I can really remain anonymous.

How cool.

I wonder what this will evolve into.


Tez Miller said...

Hello :-) I have no idea who you are, but I'm popping by to thank you for including Tez Says among your Fav Places! Well, at least according to your right sidebar ;-)

Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! :-)

Denis Wright said...

All good blogs start this way! :) Just keep writing and we'll see how it goes.... but once every two years mightn't be enough!

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